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My name is Stuart Ackerman. I was born and raised in South Africa, but immigrated to New Zealand in 1999. I made my first real knife in 1975, and have been making knives seriously since 1992.  I prefer to use mostly stain resistant steels, such as VG10, N690, 12C27, but I do occasionally use D2, O1 and A2.

All of my knives are made using the stock removal process, that is, grinding and removing all the bits that do not look like a knife. I make a knife named the Serrata, using 440C steel in an investment casting process. The cast knife is also stock removed to end up as a Serrata…The image above is one of those Serratas, green Canvas Micarta scales, and stainless steel Corby bolts. A Kydex sheath is provided for safe and secure carrying.

I am proud to say that Spyderco have licenced the Serrata design, to be made in the exact same way that I do, and after sorting out the prototyping, they will be released for sale.serrata12

Just as a filler in the mean time, here is how the Serrata range is made…


Some pictures below extracted from the link above…

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