Field Knife D2 test

I made four Field Knife profiles in D2, and decided to test one hard, just to satisfy my own questions.


I batoned the knife through aluminium and copper cable. Easy.


I batoned it through bluegum wood and pine wood. Of course, the edge was affected to a degree, depending on the material being cut. But it was easy to sharpen on my Radius Master grinder.


I batoned the knife into a 220 litre oil drum. It took a while before I was able to penetrate the drum.

This took three blows with a piece of Jarrah crossarm.

Levering the knife, and it popped out, the edge chipped a tad.

It took a few passes on my grinder at a slow speed with new belts to get the edge back.

A ceramic rod made it shaving sharp.

I made a simple waist sheath and a cross draw sheath. I only use Kydex for my sheathing.


The stylised “Three/Zed is a logo I use for for own knives that I never intend to sell. but once this test was publicised, someone offered to buy it.

I hope that he uses it, hard. I want my knives to be used, not sitting in a drawer somewhere in the darkness.