Kalgard Gunkote finishes.

Kalgard Gun Kote is a hard, abrasion resistant coating which meets and exceeds all military and aerospace specifications for protective coatings. With a pencil hardness of >9H, the 2400 Series will flex with a 180 degree bend. The 2400 Series Gun Kote is formulated to provide excellent impact resistance, lubricity, heat dissipation, chemical and corrosion resistance, durability and scratch resistance. The cured coating will not attract dirt or debris. The US Navy Seals and other military groups use Gunkote on their weapons for durability in salt water and abrasive resistance in desert conditions.


These blades were 10 selected from a bunch of Pingo knives made by Spyderco as the Edge Matters Forum 2017 Forum Knife. The Tenacious and the Pingo are mine

The steel is K390, and with spec of Carbon – 2.45%   Chromium – 4.15%
Cobalt – 2.00%  Molybdenum – 3.75%   Silicon – .55%   Vanadium – 9.00%
Tungsten – 1.00%