Spyderco Serrata Prototype

I decided to gift a Serrata  as a belated/early birthday present to Sal Glesser, CEO of Spyderco.com as a small token of  gratitude for what he has done for the art of knives. He returned the favour with a Temperance 2, a Ladybug and a Spyderco cap. He did not have to “payback,” but he did. A while later he expressed an interest in making the Serrata, exactly as I made it. I was delighted to be honoured by his request, and after a few chats, the Spyderco Serrata was born.

You can see these for sale by Spyderco here.

Mr Blonde/ Wouter, the owner of the website spydercocollector.com, has given me permission to exhibit the prototype images taken at the Spyderco Amsterdam Show 2013. He retains copyright of these images, folks.


Reverse side

web proto blonde 2


I am humbled by Sal Glesser and Spyderco doing this collaboration with myself.

A video of Eric Glesser chatting about the prototype:


Just found out that the 2013 Spyderco Spint Run catalogue has appeared and I am proud to see this below…

serrata FB32GP


I can also add that Spyderco have licenced my Slither design, and called it the Sustain.

This is the original Slither, which is now owned by Sal Glesser, CEO of Spyderco.

These are sold by Spyderco under the name Sustain here.


The Spyderco Sustain…