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Posted 6 August 2017:

This next bit is an apology to all those interested people that have emailed me from 2013 to 2015, when my website first ran.

In assisting me to get this new website looking attractive, my daughter found out that there were a bunch of un-answered emails from 2013 to 2015.

I was too busy working for someone else, and my knife making was shelved for two years to help me cope with family life and health.

I have since started making knives full time 1st July 2017, and so I got my website re-instated to help me share what I do, with the folk that want sharp edges in their lives.

I know how to make knives, but very little about websites, apparently.

All the emails will be each individually answered by me, starting tonight my time. Who needs sleep, anyway? 🙂

Most emails were requests for Serratas, and I am exploring the possibility of making a batch of at least 50, as we speak.

Yes, I appreciate that my answers in emails might no longer be valid, but I need to rectify my lack of response.

Thanks for understanding, folks?

kind regards


UPDATED 8 August

I have answered all emails.

And as a result, I will be costing up another Serrata batch of perhaps 50 knives.