My name is Stuart Ackerman. I was born and raised in South Africa, but immigrated to New Zealand in 1999. I made my first real knife in 1975, and have been making knives seriously since 1992. I prefer to use mostly stain resistant steels, such as VG10, N690, 12C27, but I do occasionally use D2, O1 and A2.

Over the years, I have tended to make a pattern of knives for a short run, and then experiment and change the design, and get customer feedback about what might work better for them.

All of my knives are made using the stock removal process, that is, grinding and removing all the bits that do not look like a knife.

I have made a knife named the Serrata, using 440C steel in an investment casting process. The cast knife is also stock removed to end up as a Serrata. The image below is one of those Serratas, green Canvas Micarta scales, and stainless steel Corby bolts. A Kydex sheath is provided for safe and secure carrying.

I am proud to say that Spyderco have licenced the Serrata design, to be made in the exact same way that I do, and after sorting out the prototyping, they have them for sale.