Gallery of Knives made

These are knives that I have made and sold

Serratas and Variations

These are a few examples of Serratas, Pugs, Serrata Anorexias, Warncliffes, Bird and Trouts – whatever I free-hand grind, really…

A few as-cast blades, and a finished Serrata with Black Linen Micarta scales


The wax of the master cast to be investment cast in 440C steel


Serrata with Olive Green Canvas Micarta scales

Stainless Corby bolts and Kydex sheath

More information about the Serrata process here.


Assorted Serrata profiles and handle materials, all with Kydex sheaths


serrata selectb8 sheathed 4


Stock removed Knives

These are knives cut from flat bar steel.

12C27 camp knife, 5mm thick steel, and Black canvas Micarta scales with Kydex sheath

camp one

3mm VG10 Hunter with black canvas Micarta scales

vg10 guard one

A Mosquito, VG10, handled in mesquite. It is a steak knife I did as a sample.



A Panga

Pig…for pig hunting, of course.

Spook, my version of the kukhri, a knife associated with the Gurkhas.

More information here.

The Skeleton, a 440C steel hollow handle knife

More information here.

Rozzor, a prototype straight razor in N690

More information here.

The Slither, now licenced by Spyderco, who have called it the Sustain.

Below are an assortment of types I have made, some of which were handled by the customers when I used to offer blade blanks that were heat treated. Steels were O1 steel…VG10 steel, Serratas in cast 440c, and a one piece 440C CNC hollow handle knife called the Skeleton.

These are all owned by one customer – great taste, I say… 🙂